The AKTINA* project suggests the distribution of small-scale stand-alone power stations in the urban field. These use solar energy to recharge electric bicycles and personal devices, while they can also serve as free wi-fi spots, fostering both the idea of alternative mobility and the vision of a new productive furniture within the urban environment.
The Aeschylus Festival 2012 hosts the AKTINA* project in its open air foyer. At the entrance of the "Former Olive Oil Mill" on the beach of Elefsina, a "green" charging station for electric bicycles and other devices is presented for the first time, using only solar power and adjusting its architectural form in accordance with the wishes and needs of the user. The idea of an autonomous and transformable "Urban Plug" is expected to create a buzz for visitors and spark a wider debate over the potential of renewable energy sources and their spread to the public space of the city. In collaboration with Energize.

Location Elefsina, GR

Team Elena Antonopoulou, Foteini Setaki, Tina Tzoka, Eirini Vouliouri, Mariza Papaeugeniou, Stelios Pletsis, Stefanos Tsimpourakis, Vasileios Ntovros

Year 2012

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