The Big Dormitory

A high school was transformed into a Big Dormitory for 2 weeks. Thus, the school gym, a multipurpose room and the yard between them changed temporarily use in order to let approximately 400 people sleep and gather. Three-level scaffolds were used, in order to increase the sleeping surface and special containers were placed to provide toilets and showers. Lots of people used "creatively" the yard as an open-air meeting and lounge area, extending yet again the indoor space.

Location Elefsina, GR

Team Elena Antonopoulou, Olga Linardou, Eftychia Papathanasiou, Foteini Setaki, Tina Tzoka

Year 2007

  • The Big Dormitory
  • In Use
  • The Big Dormitory
  • In Use
  • Gate 1
  • Gate 2
  • Outdoor Area
  • The Showers
  • Diagram