Factory ReSet

Elaiourgiki -an almost abandoned warehouse in Elefsina- was temporarily re-used for 2 weeks in order to accommodate lectures, workshops, food and leisure activities, exhibitions, storage rooms and sanitary facilities. The inner space of the building was large enough [approximately 2,500sq.m.] and due to the coexistence of various functions it needed to remain compound with the possibility of a flexible and removable kind of division. A vast and composite structure consisting of scaffolds, containers, screens and roll-up security panels were placed in the middle of the space and contained functions such as IT lab, small kitchen and bar, organisers' space, lounge and storage rooms on it. The structure was a "see-through" boundary, which separated space in a "soft" and retractable way, allowing different uses to coexist. The two areas around the linear boundary remained with no significant interventions and the users transformed them into workspace or lounge and dining room and lecture or event room with the rearrangements of the basic furniture and equipment, to suit their requirements. The outdoor area, equipped with two enormous tents, provided extra space for all the activities and made the event even more "open" to the city.

Location Elefsina, GR

Team Elena Antonopoulou, Olga Linardou, Eftychia Papathanasiou, Foteini Setaki, Tina Tzoka, Panos Sakkas, Yiannis Spanakis, Yorgos Padazis, Nikos Soulis, Panos Mauros

Year 2007

  • Factory ReSet
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