Follow The Stripe

This exhibition was held in the main building of the National Technical University of Athens [NTUA] and adjusted to its ordinary walking areas [main entrance, corridors, staircases]; underlining their social character and their possibilities for multiple uses. The interventions for the exhibition purposes were kept to the minimum, such as modification of the basic areas and addition of some new elements [images, projections, sound].
Three different possible routes in the building were organised, to lead visitors or simple passers-by to the central area of the event. At the main entrance, a loop of various images was projected, setting up a starting point. Following signs or sounds, visitors were introduced gradually to the content. Short videos and other material were also presented, transforming an ordinary staircase to a projection area. A large corridor, hosting the main core of the exhibition, was organised in different thematic sections. At some point, music through dj-sets turned the university area into an event space. All users of the building were invited to re-discover their every day route and distinguish the new qualities and functions of the ordinary walking space.

Location Athens, GR

Team Elena Antonopoulou, Olga Linardou, Foteini Setaki, Panos Sakkas, Yannis Spanakis

Year 2006

  • Follow The Stripe
  • Photogallery
  • Music Box
  • Applying The Stripe
  • Staircase Seating Area
  • Diagram