Starting point for this exhibition was the idea of bringing together current notions and reflections of different groups of young European architects through architectural praxis. The idea was to present only the work of young Greek architects in an open and non-limited catalogue of projects.
An open call for participation was announced through the Greek Architectural Association and the Technical Chamber of Greece. Young architects were invited to form the index of contemporary Greek architectural reality. This open catalogue did not aim at being complete or exhaustive; the 80 submissions, which were collected, contributed to an experimental attempt at communication and exchange among young Europeans. The exhibitors were asked to send a 35 x 50 cm poster, as well as five key-words, to explain their concepts. The curators decided to use a paper box, originally used to contain and carry goods as an exhibition unit. 80 boxes were pieced together to form a structure on which the projects were shown. Despite the complexity of the structure, the box as a "tool" not only organised the exhibition space but it also gave the curators the possibility to easily alter the area simply by changing positions to the structure.

Location Elefsina, GR

Team Elena Antonopoulou, Olga Linardou, Eftychia Papathanasiou, Foteini Setaki, Tina Tzoka, Myrto Birliraki, Athina Stamatopoulou, Yorgos Padazis, Nikos Soulis

Year 2007

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