Pharos was presented during the annual Aeschylus Festival of Elefsina in July 2006. The interventions in the former industrial shell decided to be "soft", in terms of removable additions made of simple materials. Pictures, projections, lighting and sound installations were added to revive temporarily the abandoned setting. A new "ephemeral skin" covered the nude structure of the building. It also provided an exterior facade of huge video walls, screening a different kind of information and at the same time, setting the limits to the visitors' movement. Due to the vast expanse of the former industrial site, a kind of reference point was needed to indicate the exhibition area and orientate users. Thus, a special light installation -Pharos- placed above an old tank, "emitted" the "exhibition signal".
A great effort was made to involve the locals in the exhibition, giving them the opportunity to express their ideas, questions and concerns about their own city . The process of creating an info-loaded map , interacting with its users, was firstly experienced during this exhibition. A projected map of Elefsina raised three simple but essential issues: favourite place, place of dislike, possible place for a tree or greenery. The inhabitants were able to "stick" their opinions on the map, revealing common consciousness of the urban context in a collaborative way.

Location Elefsina, GR

Team Elena Antonopoulou, Olga Linardou, Eftychia Papathanasiou, Foteini Setaki, Tina Tzoka, Panos Sakkas, Yannis Spanakis

Year 2006

  • Pharos
  • Night View
  • Interactive Map
  • Participants Contribution
  • Diagram
  • Pharos Structure
  • Pharos Cloth
  • Pharos Setting