27 Workshops

During July and August 2007, City Index organised 27 workshops in Elefsina. The team was in charge of selecting the workshops and providing with the required supplies in terms of safe and suitable workspaces, materials, tools and other equipment. The workshops were organised in four main categories according to their intentions and outcome: constructive workshops/ new media workshops/ research workshops/ physical performance.
All the workshop results were presented to the wider public during the exhibition "Report Final". The main intention was the interactivity with the residents and the raising of discussions over urban issues. The quality of common space, the activation of old industrial shells, the ancient past of the place or the emerging new identity of Elefsina were some of the issues with which workshops dealt. However, the most intriguing perspective was the problematic relation of the city with the sea, due to the great expansion of industry. So, a lot of workshops chose to intervene and leave their comments at the sea-front. Two inactive industrial shells in that area were temporarily revived by their use as work and exhibition spaces.

Location Elefsina

Year 2007

  • 27Workshops_Urban Stripes
  • BEAM Workshop
  • CODEC Workshop
  • Crosstown Workshop
  • Fashion and Architecture Workshop
  • Float'd Workshop
  • Indexing Invisible Scapes Workshop
  • Inductive Ecosystem Prototypes Workshop
  • Serendipity Workshop
  • Site Sea Workshop
  • Supersurfaces Workshop
  • The Font Workshop
  • Diagram of Workshops